Technology Creates Wealth..Interview with YU Biyue, an Expert in Intelligent Aquaculture Technology Research and Development
Technology Creates Wealth..Interview with YU Biyue, an Expert in Intelligent Aquaculture Technology Research and Development

Date: May 2022   Author: LI Yunzan

People living on rivers, lakes and the sea can eat all kinds of delicious aquatic products all year round, so the local aquaculture industry is often very developed. At one time, aquaculture merchants were extremely dependent on the changes of natural climate and sea tide, the quality and quantity of various aquatic products would also change with the temperature and the amount of nutrients in sea water, so the income of aquaculture merchants was often in a state of fluctuation, and in serious cases, it would affect their daily living expenses. In recent years, with the development of science and technology, all kinds of new technologies have been introduced into the aquaculture industry, some professionals engaged in the research of aquaculture technology optimization have gradually driven the steady and positive development of the industry, and YU Biyue, an expert in intelligent aquaculture technology research and development, is even more outstanding among them.

Lay a Solid Foundation and Create Wealth with New Technology

For a long time, the production and life of human beings mostly live off the land. Therefore, where water resources are abundant, the aquaculture industry is also developed. Aquaculture industry is a critical part of fishery, the rapid and high-quality development of aquaculture industry and the actual economic benefits it brought to local residents have also greatly promoted the development of human economy and society, and driven the progress of human civilization. These achievements marked the enhancement of human ability to influence and control the water environment. Moreover, with the rapid growth of the world population and the accelerated process of economic development, human demand for aquatic products is increasing. Limited by the renewal of natural fishery resources, the fishing industry has been unable to meet the actual needs, and long-term development of the fishing industry is not conducive to maintaining the ecological balance. While the aquaculture industry has played a key role in maintaining ecological balance and maintaining social stability with its advantages of driving economic development and meeting people’s living needs.

As an internationally renowned expert in intelligent aquaculture technology research and development, YU Biyue began to study scientific aquaculture methods more than ten years ago. She once worked in Tianyuan Muge Agriculture Co., Ltd., and accumulated a lot of experience in aquaculture and related scientific and technological research and development. The company mainly engages in breeding non-toxic ptyas mucosus, as well as cobras and monocled cobras. And YU Biyue was specially responsible for the supervision of the company’s daily breeding, and has been conducting research and innovation in scientific snake breeding technology, focusing on exploring how to integrate all kinds of high technologies into the aquaculture supervision work. This has not only accumulated her rich experience in relevant fields, but also laid the foundation for her to obtain numerous achievements in scientific research in the future.

Be Brave To Try and Accumulate Rich Experience

During the large-scale snake breeding, YU Biyue also encountered many difficulties. There was a period of time when a large number of small snakes died collectively in the breeding farm, which made the survival rate of small snakes unable to improve, and even the shelling rate remained relatively low. These problems have been puzzling YU Biyue, so she began to consult a large number of professional books, studied constantly, isolated and observed the diseased snake species, and adjusted the nutrition of diet for many times. Through the constant experimental research and attempts of YU Biyue, the mortality of snake has been successfully reduced to about 10%. With valuable experimental experience, she summarized a set of strict and standardized snake breeding process, rebuilt a more scientific snake room, and proposed an ecological semi-free-range breeding method based on the obtained data and information such as temperature, humidity and feed ration, so that the company could successfully turn from loss to profit.

The program group of Creating Wealth of CCTV financial channel once conducted a field interview in Tianyuan Muge Agriculture Co., Ltd. and reported YU Biyue’s scientific breeding experience in detail. At that time, her snake breeding technology had formed a systematic process system. In order to promote the development of local snake breeding industry, YU Biyue also provided snake seedlings to local breeders and conducted professional training for them. Moreover, because the monocled cobra is one of the breeding species, YU Biyue’s technical training and promotion work has also been strongly supported by the Nanjing County Government. The two parties agreed that the Vocational Education Center of Nanjing County would provide the site and some teachers to jointly hold vocational training courses on snake breeding with YU Biyue. The local breeders who were interviewed on the program Creating Wealth have been very appreciative of YU Biyue’s breeding technology, and said that YU Biyue not only promoted the prosperity and development of the local economy, but also led more breeders to become rich and create happiness with their own hands.

Carry Forward the Great Progress with Intelligent Technology

In 2020, YU Biyue came to Bangkok, Thailand, founded Bangkok Fengtai Aquatic Culture Co., Ltd., and took the post of Chairman, mainly responsible for the breeding of blood clams, crabs, perch and other related aquatic products. In fact, as early as 2019, YU Biyue has put forward advanced scientific and technological achievements in aquaculture regarding microbial reactors, which not only focused on tackling the green cycle technology in the aquaculture system, but also produced positive results in the actual application process. After arriving in Bangkok, she continued to carry out intelligent technology research on aquaculture in combination with the local actual situation.

When developing aquaculture in Bangkok, YU Biyue found that the local aquaculture technology level was relatively backward, not only lacking effective management, but also the quality and output of its aquaculture was very low. In order to strengthen unified management, improve the quality and quantity of aquaculture, as well as realize her own ideas on large-scale management of aquaculture, YU Biyue has developed and launched an aquaculture control system based on blockchain monitoring and tracking technology, after synthesizing her years of breeding expertise and conducting an in-depth investigation into the actual local aquaculture situation. The scientific and technological achievement can realize 24-hour real-time monitoring of dissolved oxygen, water temperature, ammonia nitrogen, pH, salinity, ORP and other data in the breeding pond. In this technological achievement, YU Biyue innovatively combined the blockchain technology with the water quality monitoring of the breeding pond, and used the consensus mechanism of the blockchain to enable all data of the aquaculture pond to be linked to the user’s mobile terminal through the Internet cloud, and enabled it to timely remind and intelligently regulate the data exceeding the standard and water body abnormalities. In addition, YU Biyue specially equipped this system with above and underwater cameras to achieve visual management of the breeding pond.

The technological achievement also combined highly integrated Internet of Things equipment and intelligent Internet technology, and established a modern intelligent aquaculture control system with water quality monitoring, data collection, remote operation, intelligent regulation, and data traceability in the whole process. It also realized the all-round monitoring and management of the breeding environment, water quality and aquatic growth. While meeting the strict environmental conditions of aquaculture, it can also save water and electricity, and reduce production costs and unnecessary capital consumption, truly achieving the goal of scientific breeding and increasing production and income. After the successful completion of the research and development of this technological achievement, first of all, a small scale experiment was conducted between her own company and Bangkok’s aquaculture breeders. The application test showed that the actual use effect was great, which reduced a lot of unnecessary troubles for aquaculture breeders, successfully helped these breeders achieve scientific management and increase production and income, and has won a fine reputation in the aquaculture industry. Moreover, it has also been applied in a wider range under the voluntary promotion of local aquaculture breeders. As a technology developer, YU Biyue has also been paying attention to the actual use of this scientific and technological achievement. She wanted to modify the system according to the local situation and the feedback from aquaculture breeders, so as to further promote the revival and prosperity of the local aquaculture industry.

Over the years, the numerous scientific and technological achievements and innovative ideas YU Biyue independently developed have not only brought her company practical economic benefits, improved the company’s industry status, but also made her own extremely high industry status and influence. In view of her contributions to the intelligent aquaculture technology research and development industry for many years, she has won many national industry awards. In spite of this, YU Biyue still insisted on the intelligent aquaculture technology research and development, and actively promoted her scientific and technological achievements in the aquaculture industry at home and abroad, so as to promote the prosperity of aquaculture in the world.